The Silver Empire

Maybe I should update


The party returned all relevant stuff to Richard. Big success there. William kept Richard’s secret.

After handling the loot and talking to Theo about the whole endeavor, the party headed to meet up with Rowenthal.

Rowenthal affirms that JC/Jaenelle/William is not in the prophecy, and that everyone else in the team is/was. Nobody asks for the text of the prophecy though. The team meets Jarn. He’s nice, and is going with the party. Yay.

The prophecy involves people getting on the throne of the Empire, and three options; Sophia staying as empress (prosperous ending), Kaeli becoming empress (bad ending), and silver outcast becoming emperor/empress (really bad ending). Silver outcast is implied to be either Fang or Jarn. Alain is supposed to guide the team. Everyone confirms that idea is retarded and impossible.

Team heads towards barbarian lands. Because I can’t spell the name of Richard’s town, we’ll just continue to call it Town A. The party arrives back at Town A on their way southeast. JC gets word that people need him for business. He sets up a meeting at Crestline (formerly town B). Kaeli meets up with people from BAD COMPANY in Jahari, who talk about Blue, Kaeli’s prestige trainer. Note that Blue fights with multiple weapon types including unarmed and dagger; scimitar is really one of many. Minor clarifying point that would have probably been communicated.

Anyway, the team meets up with Jargo, who is working with the prospectors in Town A; Kaeli manages to fuck up that interaction (well, Alain and Kaeli). Nick seems to emphasize the bad things the PCs do a little too much, maybe. I dunno. Most NPCs in his world are not nice, even though that makes actually no sense. I guess I’m more irritated at Theo than I am at Jargo, since he really doesn’t make sense.

The team continues to Crestline; One-Eye happens to be there to talk to JC, who gives him info about a stolen EE artifact. JC says he’ll look into it.

The party heads to the Silver City, as Nightengale has a performance request.

Kaeli talks to Thomas Halvor and fails. No she totally fails.

JC talks to the dragon librarian and gets some info on the emerald eye. Also talks to dragon about Kaeli. He tells librarian that Kaeli has no chance of a grand destiny. He also implies that he’s spoken with Rowenthal about things. Dragon seems to hate politics, understands the importance of discretion, and sees through bullshit.



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