The Silver Empire

Old people suck

At the town, Kaeli attempts to pick up some items at the local shops and hears about a nearby druid who does business with the town.


Grandma and Kaeli talk a bunch about family, and they get Kaeli high on dragon drugs. It doesn’t amount to a whole lot. Alain finds Venkman (who is gathering info around town) and tells him about the old lady.

Grandma drops a number of knowledge bombs:

  • The nevermelting ice has a source of some kind, and it is running out
  • The fact that the ice is running out was discovered by Wolfgang (that asshole)
  • Wizard magic could probably solve the problem, but there is exactly one wizard in Frusna that isn’t traveling with us, and he’s probably trying to save the world

Using massive skill boosting, the team identifies virtually all information about the dragon, codenamed Sol the Biter (the Bad Guy).

  • Sol is a jerk
  • He is a hedonistic asshole and likes lording his power over other people
  • Like most white dragons, he hates stronger dragons, especially red ones
  • There is a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head (or about 20kgp in Frusnan silver)
  • He only speaks two languages: Draconic and Frusnan
  • He doesn’t have many useful skills
  • He has INA for his bite attack (ouch), Power Attack, and Power Dive
  • He has no known hoard, though he wears a gorget of tempest breath (10kgp)

The team conjures a plan to attack a scouting party, have it retreat with the knowledge that arrogant dragon hunters are coming, then slay the dragon when it comes for us.

Items are purchased, and Kaeli is taught some basic offensive phrases in Draconic regarding the relative value of white dragons compared to reds.

A significant discussion occurs where Rupert does not want to stay while the dragon problem is handled, fearing entanglement with the Kaltans or an international incident with the Iskur before formal diplomacy has started. Alain and Venkman want to keep the company in place, while Rupert does not. A meeting is called and a compromise is reached, training the team leaders in basic Frusnan etiquette. Venkman works with the civil authorities while Alain works with the military ones to help ease the burden as well. Sgt Hoffman offers to help reinforce the town’s fortifications, and Kaeli approves the mission.



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