The Silver Empire

Dragons are worth more than steel

After a few days’ travel, the team arrives at the enemy mountain base. They set up a perimeter around the entrance and observe. A troll exits and begins muttering something in Giant. After a minute or so of observing, the party attacks the troll and dispatches it. Jarn uses his new flame breath to turn the troll to ash after the party subdues it.

The team closes in the perimeter and the party enters, meeting another pair of trolls inside. Jarn blinds one and the party begins fighting; the blind troll flees while the other fights, hitting Sven hard. The fighters take down the trolls without too much difficulty afterwards and Jarn barbecues them. Alain heals Sven with the last of his healing belt.

Will continues his inspiring down the hall, and Roderick sneaks ahead to scout. The Kaltans have established a barricade and have turned out all the lights to hide their numbers, but the Scout’s Headband held by Roderick gives him more than enough vision to make out enemy archers on the top of the barricade. Jarn makes Kaeli invisible and her and Roderick sneak into the enemy position.

Kaeli begins the fight by killing three enemies in the enemy guard tower, while Roderick snipes the enemy druid from a hidden position. Will hastes everyone near him and Alain and Sven take to the air, flying over the enemy barricade at the most obviously threatening enemy; a half dragon wearing full plate. Alain and Sven unleash their full attacks (Alain having used conviction to move into position), Despite haste, 7 attacks and 2 destruction smites, the halfdragon stands and retaliates back, hitting Sven for pretty serious damage. The halfdragon’s allies swarm Alain, chopping at him and Sven for no real damage.

Himoor charges the barricade armed with sword and shield, leaping to the top of the barricade and engaging one of the archers, dropping him. The archers all open fire at him, but he takes minimal damage to his ridiculous HP.

Jarn runs up to where Himoor is, using his lizard claws and strength to easily scale the barricade. Jarn fires his breath weapon at the archers, catching two on fire but doing relatively minimal damage.

Kaeli moves up to support Alain, cutting a path through and denying the enemy flanking.

Roderick snipes another dude.

Will scales the wall with a helping hand from Jarn and attempts to CC the halfdragon, but fails.

Alain drops the halfdragon with another hit and starts working on his buddies.

Himoor moves down to support Alain, dropping another enemy.

Some of the enemies begin to flee; one runs into Will and hits him for damage. Will makes a bluff check to act like he isn’t hurt (but he totally was). Enemy archers fire at Himoor, Alain, and Jarn but no hits are scored.

Jarn breathes fire directly into the melee; due to his Endure Exposure invocation, his allies are immune while the enemies are scorched lightly (his breath is kinda weak).

Kaeli moves up to support Will and knocks out the enemy attacking him.

The remaining enemies have either fled or surrender or are dispatched.

The party brings most of their team inside and stabilizes the dying enemies. Will and Sven are healed with spells.

Moving further into the stronghold, the party encounters another group of enemies, but they are convinced to surrender. Alain and Sven rush ahead to cut of an enemy retreat and find another iron barricade and a stable area. An enemy slams the barricade shut and attempts to bar it, but Sven rushes forward and tears the door completely off its hinges. The enemy barring the door shits his pants. A nearby werewolf in a chef outfit charges at Sven and hits him again (what the fuck!).

The rest of the team charge ahead and Alain attempts to fight the werewolf. He is marginally successful but impeded by the lack of a silvered weapon in hand. Will hastes the rest of the party, while HImoor and Kaeli rush forward to fight the werewolf as well. Kaeli deals mediocre damage, but Himoor is carrying a silver greatsword and he drops his weapons and draws it as he rushes the werewolf, taking him down quickly. Alain rushes the last remaining enemy and Sven goes in to grapple him. The enemy captain is pinned by Sven, surrendering immediately.

A few remaining enemies are captured and the base supplies are taken control by the Iskur forces. The Iskur make plans to secure the stronghold and use it as a garrison point.



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