The Silver Empire

Steel is worth more than gold

During one of the meetings mentioned in the previous entry, the Iskur mention that movements have been made against the Iskur’s holdings in the east. Razra describes the attackers as skirmishers, probably mostly mounted archers and expertly trained. Chamaak has already left to attempt to deal with the problem and Kaeli makes plans to head out.

The team holds a reserve contingent back at Fjallbaer and sends a significant fighting force (1 platoon + Tanner + Hoffman + support personnel) to help bolster the Iskur defenses at one of the less-defended villages in the path of the skirmish forces. Hoffman and his unit immediately begin bolstering the defenses at his point and working with the local militia, most of which are hunters.

Meanwhile, the heroes (Kaeli, Alain, Will, Jarn, Roderick, and HImoor, plus their pets) mobilize to locate the enemy base camp and stymie their efforts. After a brief encounter with winter wolves, Kaeli and Prince Reichelt II reason down where the enemy must be coming from. The team identifies the leader of the skirmishers, an elf captain with significant skill (a BAB 6 martial). Kaeli and Roderick infiltrate the camp, identify the captain’s tent and sneak inside to look at his campaign maps. She finds that he’s a student of a particular Jahari military scholar and predicts his attack point. Alain and Himoor are dispatched on Svenskeren to warn the attack point in advance; with Sven’s impressive flight speed they can outrun horses and aid the defense.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team work to identify targets of opportunity; they sabotage the enemy supply wagons and find that the enemy is on alert for werewolves. After doing all that they can to prevent the enemy from escaping with most of their equipment, Kaeli and Roderick go about elminating the small unit commanders covertly. After a few are dispatched, the camp goes into a panic, realizes something is wrong and begins to pack up, but the supply wagons won’t move and there is almost no leadership. The camp fractures at the seams; people cannot decide which direction to flee. Unfortunately for them, a fire in the camp started earlier attracted Chamaak and his team of werewolves who attack and the camp falls completely into disarray. Kaeli and Roderick exfiltrate without being discovered.

Alain arrives at the town and finds that it is the village being defended by Hoffman’s team. Even still, the number of expected attackers is approximately the same size of the number of combined defenders, and with one superhero on each side (with Himoor being a bit low level) and the attackers possessing superior weaponry, things seem a bit sketchy if the defenders actually do battle with the enemy directly. Himoor uses his own tactical insight and Kaeli’s revelation on how the commander thinks to make a gambit; he puts everyone concealed and indoors, and makes the town look abandoned. The Frusnans agree to this plan (as the local militia captain has no experience).

When the Frusnans arrive, they hesitate, and fire a few arrows into the town to see if there’s an ambush. When there’s no response, they bail, recognizing the non-Frusnan fortifications and guessing that there might be a trap. The commander completely avoids the base camp on his return, guessing that his camp might be compromised because his attack was forseen despite him not telling anyone about the attack destination prior to departing.

After a day of waiting for him to arrive at the base camp (and looting the camp), Kaeli’s team determines that the commander isn’t coming back and heads to the village. Between interrogating small unit commanders, going over the enemy captain’s notes and utilizing the Tome of Worldly Memory, the team identifies a possible fallback point; a strongpoint in the mountains nearby.

The heroes assemble a small team of volunteers from both locals and their own men, leaving a good number to defend the village, and head to the mountains to capture the strongpoint.



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