Alter Self forms

Although this is mostly for the Bard’s use, I’m including a fantastic list of all reasonable Alter Self forms for friendly creatures.


Hybsil (Monsters of Faerun)
Small, deer-like quadrupeds; they look like cute, lovable quadrupedal furries.
Small size. 50 land ms. Because they’re quadrupeds, they can carry as much as a Medium-sized creature of their strength.
Shortbow and simple weapon proficiencies; not a big deal since Ellis has these
+2 natural armor bonus.
Dodge and Mobility as racial bonus feats.
+4 bonus on Disable Device.
+4 bonus on Search checks in outdoor environments.
+2 bonus on Jump.
+4 bonus on Survival.
With ASA, could get passive See Invisibility.

Jaebrin (Monster Manual V)
Elf-like humanoids. They have pointy ears, attractive features, and a mouth full of very scary pointy teeth. Probably the most mortal-like of all fey (200-year lifespan); Ellis is probably considerably less mortal in his life outlook. They are found mostly near civilization according to their description and probably mostly pass themselves off as Ether-altered humans. Ellis could Alter into a jaebrin and be indistinguishable other than his teeth.
Medium size. 30ft land ms.
Weapon proficiency with simple weapons, rapier, and their bite natural attack.
Bite natural weapon. d3 damage. DC 13 (Con-based) Will save or cause -4 to target’s future Will saves for 1 minute.
+2 bonus on Perform.
+2 bonus on Bluff.
+2 bonus on Diplomacy.
+2 bonus on Appraise.
+4 bonus on Spellcraft checks involving Enchantment spells.

Killoren (Races of the WIld)
Much like jaebrin, killoren are mortal-like fey with elfish features. They are hinted at being nature’s response to mortals’ aggressive expansion. Unlike jaebrin, they are immortal, and there is no way to easily tell a killoren from an elf or half-elf. It would be interesting to know their place in the world. I assume that most are part of the “elven powerbloc.”
Medium size. 30 land ms. They’re a PC race (LA +0) so they have no bonus profs or feats.
+2 bonus on Survival.
+2 bonus on Handle Animal.
Lot of weak-ish SU abilities, none worth stealing with ASA.

Grig (SRD)
Itty bitty woodland fey. They play instruments. Nonfey beware! Unlike what I thought before, they have wings.
20ft land, 40ft fly (poor).
Longbow proficiency.
+2 natural armor.
+8 Jump.
+5 Stealth.

Nixie (SRD)
Aquatic fey. They have legs and tend to dress “light.” Green skin and hair.
Small size. 20ft land, 30ft swim ms.
Probably can breathe underwater, assuming their aquatic subtype is non-magical.
Can also breathe air.
+8 bonus to Swim checks, can take 10 and run, charge, etc. (has a swim speed).
+5 bonus to Stealth while in water.

Pixie (SRD)
FUCKYEAH. The deadly winged avengers of the fey world.
Small size. 20ft land, 60ft (good) fly ms.
Longbow proficiency.
+1 natural armor bonus.
Dodge and Weapon Finesse as bonus feats.
+2 bonus on Perception.
+2 bonus on Search.
Greater invisibility passive as Su. ASA ho!

Splinterwaif (Monster Manual 3)
Thorny, alien-looking bipedal humanoids (about elf-sized). They are clearly plantlike and dryad-descended. The MM3 entry suggests that they are NE but honestly I think WotC just wanted a low-level evil fey creature for someone’s Favored Enemy. These should really be neutral minions of dryads.
Medium size. 50ft land, 50ft climb.
2 claws (1d4)
+2 natural armor bonus.
Sneak attack +2d6.
Improved Initiative and Weapon Finesse as bonus feats.
+10 bonus on Stealth.
+8 bonus on Climb (has a climb speed, doesn’t usually need to check).

Nereid (Stormwrack)
Aquatic female fey whose bodies appear to be made of water (and thus have some transparency). In order to impersonate a nereid, Ellis would have to be naked and use illusions to create a fake nereid shawl. Their unearthly grace ability is simply called “deflection” and is Ex; I assume it’s actually Su.
30ft land ms, 40ft swim ms.
Not amphibious; would be confined to water in this form except for short periods.
+8 bonus to Swim (has a swim speed, only needs Swim checks for tricky maneuvers)
+8 bonus to Stealth while in water.
Lots of cute Su abilities, but they’re non-amphibious so usefulness is limited.

Shadar-kai (Fiend Folio)
Human-like fey. “Poisoned by the Plane of Shadow” or some contrived bullshit, they have darker features and their shadows seem to be alive and darker than normal. The living shadow part is probably not copyable with Alter Self (would need Disguise Self or another flexible illusion) so this form is essentially a darker-skinned, dark-haired human.
Medium sized. 30ft land ms.
Spiked chain proficiency (EWP as bonus feat)
+1d6 sneak attack.
+10 bonus on Stealth in darkened areas.
Hide in Plain Sight as SU (not very good compared to greater invis)

Satyr (SRD)
Bipedal male goat-humanoids with horns. We all already know about satyrs.
Medium size. 40ft land ms.
Natural weapon proficiency (headbutt 1d6)
+4 natural armor bonus.
Alertness as bonus feat.
+4 bonus on Stealth.
+4 bonus on Perception.
+4 bonus on Perform.
Satyr pipe playing is quite ASA-able.

Alter Self forms

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