Helene Von Rothenberg

Helene Gertrude Von Rothenburg (CG) is Kaeli’s mother, firstborn of two sisters, and noteworthy in her own way for being a seasoned traveler and adventurer. She is a very experienced (4-5+) dual-wield focused Ranger, specializing in using longsword-shortsword. She traveled extensively through the northern Empire, and especially through Jahari, taking advantage of her half-Jahari appearance to blend in and find success and even a bit of fame there as a mercenary and problem-solver.

Travels, Adventures, and Helene’s Party

Helene “began her travels” (read: ran away) at the age of 17, two years before her mother’s plans would have sent her out anyway. As a skilled warrior, Helene quickly found a home within an adventuring party; as one of the party’s two dedicated armsmen, she found her skills growing quickly as she worked with her team to solve problems and strike down foes across the northern Empire, and Jahari.

Her team was a diverse and capable one:

  • Ellia, an Elven Cleric of Lendys
  • Dreyvon, a Halfling Rogue (deceased by all accounts, true fate unknown (except probably to Ellis))
  • Garvax, a Human Wizard (this guy was middle aged 20 years ago)
  • Ranga, a Dwarven Barbarian (killed in action during one of their final adventures)
  • Kia, a Human Monk
  • And of course, Helene, a Human Ranger

During her travels, as she gained in reputation and personal skill and power, she began to manifest traits of a Red Dragonblood. At current, Helene has claws on both hands and feet, dragonish eyes, and scale reinforcement to vulnerable areas. She believes it to be what it is, having known her mother and having seen her Dragon traits as well.

Returning Home and Building a Family

Helene traveled for roughly 10 years before being forced to come home and take over the family trading business – her mother’s midlife crisis, combined with her sister’s poor health leaving her unable to effectively act as a regent, left her no choice. Since then, she has run the trading post, and has run it as well as she could be expected, not knowing much. She has learned over the years, and has as well surrounded herself by people who know more than she does about the operation of a family business.

She met her late husband, Anselm, during an adventure early in her travels. It was her inspiration that led him to join the military and serve, and it was her encouragement that led him to strive for greater position therein. (For this reason, she would actually be very fond of Thomas Halvor today – he would remind her of her late husband.)

After Helene’s retirement, she reconnected with Anselm, and married him. Their personal interaction was a bit limited over the years due to his military assignments, but there was enough of it for Helene to be pregnant twice with his children.

His death came as a surprise to Helene, and hit her quite hard, ablated a bit by the fact that he went out “like a legend”, according to the few surviving members of his unit. It took her some years to truly move on from him, but now she more-or-less has no qualms about having ‘a little fun, like the old days’.

Personality and Traits

Helene is Kaeli with less impulse control, when it comes to her temper. She doesn’t tolerate much crap out of people, a reason why she has no interest in politics – she would fail to make many friends, as her sister is quick to point out. She enjoys the company of others, though, and when she’s getting along with them well, things are lively and active.

In combat, she tends to be aggressive – if Rangers got to rage, she would. All the time. She’s come to trust her natural toughness and agility to protect her, and for the most part they do. She has her share of scars, though, and even a couple of stories of being pulled back from the edge of death by a timely healing. Kaeli is more careful and intelligent about combat – Helene does not have Combat Expertise!

Helene Von Rothenberg

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