Lucas has CHA 18, INT 16, DEX 13 with all other stats 11 or lower. This means a few things:
- Lucas can’t cast WIS-based spells at all and probably shouldn’t pick a class that needs WIS. The only exception mechanically is Ranger, although he’d want to trade out Ranger spellcasting for an ACF in that case.
- Lucas’ STR and CON, and to a lesser degree DEX, are kind of poor, making martial classes a somewhat poor choice. There’s still armored caster variant fighter, but in general martial classes are not going to be a good option for him.
- Lucas likes magic. A good class for Lucas has magical features (not necessarily spells).
- Lucas is a sorceror. He can’t cast sorceror spells in armor, so many classes that give semicasting in armor (bard, hexblade) lose that benefit. He also wants things that benefit from being a sorceror rather than conflict or overlap.

Cleric, Druid, Favored Soul, Healer, Adept: Awful. Can’t cast spells, can’t wear armor.

Monk: No AC bonus, penalty on Stunning Fist. Not enough CON to stand in the front line to hit things. Doesn’t give any benefits to a sorc, even a combat sorc.

Paladin, Crusader: Ethical restrictions and a strong hatred of religion make this a really bad idea. The actual features (assuming ACF to dump spellcasting) aren’t too bad, but he’s very ethically opposed to the idea. His alignment is also quite a ways off, and the best case is him moving to LN or NN.

Marshal: Shit, might as well play a bard

Ninja: Worse than rogue in every respect, but…


Barbarian: Yes, rage sucks for sorcs. However, ACFing rage away gives fast movement and DR? Still not worth it for a gestalt choice probably.

Beguiler: As good as it was for Jarn actually, but there are other full caster options that give more. Also he’s not really the “enchantment” type.

Rogue: Non-lawful alignment requirement. LMFAO. Also Scout gives nearly-guaranteed precision ray damage, much better choice.

Swordsage: Good maneuver pool, but lots of class features are keyed to abilities he doesn’t have. No discipline focus gives “ray.” Warblade is a better option.

Warmage: Lucas actually benefits from this class, but upon closer examination the class is not that good. Warmage edge gives a mediocre damage buff to one hit per spell. +3 damage once? The spells available effectively double his sorc spell slots. Warmage would be a better as a first class for him, actually, but that isn’t an option now.

Warblade: More BAB but most maneuvers that help him out are offensive, which mainly focuses on melee attacks. I don’t think that’s so great compared to pure fighter.

Wizard, Wu Jen: The most thematic options, but considering action economy and synergies, these actually don’t help him much. Duskblade helps action economy (via Quick Casting ability), Hexblade has better defenses, Fighter has better offense. Hexblade also comes with a familiar, Bard has more metamagic casting options. Really no reason to pick one of these unless it’s to get access to the Wu Jen list. Also gives Nick a lot of spell list management headache.

Warlock and Dragonfire Adept: Fitting, all things considered. Still not really great considering his better options.


Bard: Without Lyric Spell, sucks. No skillpoints, since sorc was buffed. Slightly better bab, and Lyric Spell is OP. Nuff said.

Duskblade: An INT-based spontaneous spell pool, although he would need to feat to get level 3 slots (just like bard). Still somewhat melee-focused, but a good option might be to use whip or a normal reach weapon (gives all martial proficiencies). Whip would require EWP so not so great. Full BAB, decent HP, and Sudden Quicken (effectively) as a class ability; this ability works with all spells, not just duskblade spells. Also some free useful SLAs like dancing lights, detect magic, and ghost sound. Takes a lot of work to get up to “super good” but Sudden Quicken (almost) for free is pretty nice. Might be work asking as to whether he can get a ranged variant of this class (at least the spell power feature), as it’s not especially OP.

Fighter: Armor sub fighter is a perennial choice. It’s the only way to get Improved Critical on a ray, Improved Weapon Focus for rays, etc. etc. In terms of maximizing a single attack form, fighter is king.

Ranger: ACF for spellcasting allows him a pet (mount?), a combat style to improve raycasting, full bab and decent HP. Not too bad!

Scout: Tons o’ skillpoints. Also precision damage if he moves, and that precision damage is a LOT more likely to come into play. Unfortunately only applies once per casting of a ray spell. Awwww! Still very good.

Hexblade: Mettle, hexblade curse, d10 hp, full BAB and a small spell pool. Hexblade curse is so-so, but it’s a free action. This is the only way he’s getting Mettle, and Mettle is one of the strongest defensive abilities in the game. It also comes with other good stuff. Also CHA bonus to save versus spells. It’s one of the best defensive builds he can pick. Unmatched in caster duels.


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